I Missed It Again!

OK, so I set the DVR to record both of the Afro Samurai episodes on Thursday night (the 1st one being the second episode, and the 2nd one being a rerun of the first). And while it recorded the first one, the show immediately after it ended up being some other crappy Spike TV show.

I guess I'll be watching the first episode on-line.

Sometimes I hate technology.

No, wait. I just checked Spike's web page, and now they have the 2nd episode on-line.


I'm gonna open up a can on somebody.


Bones said...

I dont know about this one. It doesn't really look like something that'd hold my interest. I am looking forward to the Invincible Iron Man tomorrow though.

Jim said...

I thought that was next week!

Bones said...

Oops, maybe you're right! I get my release dates confused sometimes.

Hey, you should join the board over at the Bat-Blog! So far all the users there are very cool, and the site is really more about Batman merch than it is comics, so It'd probably be right up your alley. Check it out if you get a chance.

Jim said...

I'll take a look.

To be honest, I looked at it when I added him at ComicSpace and was a bit non-plussed with the blog (though I saw you liked it), but I'll check out the forum at your recommendation...