The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2005) mini review

superhero film not based on a comic

11-year-old Max (Cayden Boyd, Angel - in flashback, X-Men: The Last Stand) doesn't have many friends. He makes up a couple of superheroes to spend the summer with, and when close-minded teachers and pig-headed bullies terrorize him, they come to life.

This movie wasn't so bad for acquainting my 4-year-old daughter with live-action superhero films. It's watchable, there's some decent humor; it's a fun film. It's definitely for the younger crowd, though adults should find some entertainment value. There's not much to say beyond that. The story and the writing are geared directly to kids, and it's kind of disappointing, given that it's a Robert Rodriguez film, that it's not written on multiple levels to appeal more to all ages. I suppose it may have been better in 3-D, but when I recorded off of Encore, it didn't have that option.

I don't mind message-y movies - as long as they're subtle; and this one doesn't (really) hit you over the head. But it's a theme that's near and dear to my heart. Don't grow up too fast; don't be to keen on getting rid of that child-like imagination or lose that innocence.

See it if you've got young kids that you want to introduce to superhero movies.

Don't see it on your own, especially if you're expecting more from director of Sin City.


Bones said...

I need to get a copy of this for my son, he'd undoubtedly love it. Spy Kids too for that matter.

Jim said...

Definitely; I thought Spy Kids was actually much better.