Lightspeed (2006) mini review

superhero film not based on a comic

OK, I suppose it should technically be called Stan Lee's Lightspeed; and I finally figured out that his name must be on it because it was the first film produced by Lee's company, POW! Entertainment.

Of course, this is the company that brought you Stripperella, and is working on a project that showcases Hugh Hefner as a secret agent. This is pretty indicative of the quality of Lightspeed.

In this film, Daniel Leight is subjected to a highly experimental, very dangerous chemical and radiation traeatment after nearly being killed in one of his missions with the NSA. Voila! Instant superhero! Now Daniel is Lightspeed - able to move at the speed of - well, not quite light, but pretty darn fast. Unfortunately, at this day in time, where Smallville has been on the air for a number of years, and we have television shows with amazingly high production values, all the special effects (particularly the high-speed running) look really corny. For some reason, it reminded me of that student film from the 80's - The Wizard of Speed & Time (remember that?).

Attempts at cool camera work and the overuse of slow motion to create drama make the movie look like it was shot by an amateur. The action and gunplay looked like something out of an 80's low-budget film. It really doesn't feel like something that came out in 2006 - more like 1986. Actually, it sort of comes across as a special 2-hour 6 Million Dollar Man; which is ironic, as Lee Majors has a cameo role. The way they explain the backstory while the hero and villain are fighting is all very comic book, but it doesn't come across like they did that on purpose, and it just adds to the amateurish feel of the movie.

Lightspeed is not very well-written, not very well-directed, and not very well-acted. If you didn't see it, you didn't miss much.

See it if you want to see what kind of production values Stan Lee's company is putting out.

Don't see it if you've got some dishes to do or something...


Bones said...

I couldn't make it throught the whole thing...and i didn't even try for very long. Amateurish in every conceivable way.

sterma said...

Get out the cranberry sauce and dressing, folks this one is a TURKEY!! And just for the record the wizard fo speed and time had MUCH better effects than this guy. Seeing this i realized that Stan the man HAD to be the one to write the failed attempts at captain america and the first fnatastic four. This film is on the same level as the JLA pilot.

Jim said...

No way - the JLA pilot is much better. At least it has camp value. This one was just tedious...