The Dark Knight (2008) mini review

based on a comic book


For Christmas, my brother got me the very cool Batman Mask DVD Limited Edition.  So, I finally watched it on DVD.  And it's just as good (or better) now as it was at the theater. Where to start with this one? Everyone knows the plot - it's been going on for nearly 70 years.  Batman versus the Joker.  But this time the Joker's played by Heath Ledger.  And that makes all the difference.

I was a little disappointed in the original Batman Begins.  I gave it an 8/10, but I was hoping for at least a 9.  There was something missing from that one.  I don't know if it was a little bit of emotion to fully pull me in, or what, but while that film was technically brilliant, it didn't have the edge to make me fall in love with it.

The Dark Knight has that edge.  More importantly, the edge was my seat, which I was on through the entire film.  Nolan and Ledger was an amazing pairing.  This Joker is psychotic, he makes you laugh, he makes you cringe. Sometimes at the same time. (How about a magic trick?) This film is dark - and it's full of dark humor (befitting of the Joker). Ledger would have made an amazing Joker if someone had adapted Arkham Asylum. The beauty of this film is that you're fully entranced, wondering what the next twist will be, slapped in the face by the next turn. This is an amazing superhero film to date.  I'm just disappointed I never saw it on IMAX.  It didn't come to Huntsville during it's re-release in January. Of course.

Comic book movie connections: Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), Wanted; Joshua Harto (Reese), Iron Man; William Fichtner (Bank Manager), Ultraviolet.  Nestor Carbonell (Mayor Garcia) was Batmanuel on The Tick and voiced Justice League. Eric Roberts (Maroni) appeared on Witchblade and did voices for Justice League and Spawn.

See it if you haven't yet; see it again if you already have.

Don't see it if the harshness of a PG-13 would turn you off.  Batman is dark. The Joker is psycho.  This isn't your father's Batman.  (Though it may be your grandfather's - he was a little darker back in the 40's.)

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