X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) mini review

based on a comic book

X-Men - The Last Stand
came out on DVD today, so I thought it'd be a good time to share my thoughts on the film.

While an enjoyable movie on it's own, the third title in the X-Men franchise definitely suffered with the loss of director Bryan Singer. Even though this film might have as many or more references to the comics*, a bevy of problems erupt in this film; primarily, there's too much going on and it's not enough of a character-driven story to rate as high as the first two.

That being said, it was still worth a watch, and is still toward the top of the heap of comic book movies, which contains the likes of Batman & Robin and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Along with several recurring characters (Prof X, Magneto, Storm, Rogue, Cyclops, Wolverine, Mystique, Iceman, Pyro), The Last Stand introduces Colossus and Shadowcat (in more than cameo roles), along with Beast (Kelsey Grammer), Psylocke, Callisto, Multiple Man, Leech, and Angel. In this film, old rivalries are revived as we once again see X-Men take on the Brotherhood of Mutants, when a company develops a "cure" for the mutant gene. We also see the resurrection of Jean Grey as Phoenix, an obvious reference to the Dark Phoenix storyline in the X-Men comics.

See it if you want to see the resolution of the X-Men trilogy.

Don't see it if you'll be too disappointed that Bryan Singer jumped ship to do Superman.

*For more references to the comics, see the "Comparison with the comics" section of the Wikipedia article on X-Men 3.

Note: The Stan Lee Collector's Edition of the DVD also contains "an exclusive original mini-comic written by Stan Lee." Yay.

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