Hack/Slash and Lost Boys

I ordered Hack/Slash Slice Hard (was that back in October?) because in the Previews ad, it mentioned that Hack/Slash was being adapted into a movie, and I was curious about the comic.

I recently picked it up, and, while it was a pretty good read, I wasn't overly impressed. I don't have a background with Hack/Slash, and according to a Comic Pants review, that would have been a plus for reading this one-shot. They recommend Hack/Slash: First Cut (the first TPB).

Slice Hard opens to a trucker passing by a hitchhiking teddy bear holding a butcher knife. While that's interesting enough to catch my attention, additionally, the trucker was singing the lyrics to a song from the The Lost Boys soundtrack - Cry Little Sister (Gerard McMann). That movie was awesome, but the soundtrack rocked. What a great way to start a comic. My hat's off to Tim Seeley, who's the writer/creator of Hack/Slash.

I used to have the CD, but who knows where it is now. I may have to pick it up again. (The entire album is great, but I'm particularly fond of the cover of People Are Strange by Echo and the Bunnymen, Good Times (INXS), Lost in the Shadows (Lou Gramm), Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (Roger Daltrey), and Beauty Has Her Way (Mummy Calls).)

Now, if only someone would produce the Manhunter soundtrack on CD (you know, the better version of Thomas Harris's Red Dragon).


Bones said...

In my opinion, Slice Hard was the weakest Hack/Slash so far. I've read every one, I remember reading the solicit for the very first one in Previews and thinking I had to have it.

Give that first trade a read if you get the chance.

Jim said...

Thanks - I'll have to hunt it down...