Retro-Blog: That clears that up...sort of...

Well, in the wake of continued sitings to the contrary (for example, the Manic Panic tie in with the movie), The Beat finally confirms that Ultraviolet is not a comic book film. They don't say according to who, but they do say that Sony is marketing it as if it really were (making it sound like that was the intent all along). To cap it all off, if you take a look at the official site now, you can see an on-line comic and game (which are worth a look if you're interested). In the background, there are clips of the concept art I mentioned before that make it really look like a comic.

So was that the design from the beginning, or was it just the rumors of comic books that turned into a little bit more?


Retro-Blog: Crazy Weekdays

No time to write...no time to blog...

Here's a humourous story...Halle Berry's "punishment" for Catwoman.

Berry Promises No CATWOMAN II

More substantive stuff later.


Retro-Blog: The Old and the New

Just surfing around, seeing if there's anything new about Ultraviolet (whose release date, BTW, has been pushed back to March 3).

I came across a recent post on IMDB by the writer who will be doing the novelization for the movie. Interestingly enough, she said:

As I understand it, it's based on an obscure British comic. I tried to get my hands on a copy, but failed.

While looking up that quote, I came across another thread where it seems no one could actually figure out whether it was based on a comic or not.

I also found an old comment (the 3rd post in this thread) in March 2004 on the Milla Jovovich forum where a fan said:
I don't know much about Ultraviolet the character other than she's a comic book hero.

Although I know what I think, I'd like to cut the hypothesizing and get the facts straight...


Retro-Blog: The Vicious Cycle

I ran across the novelization of the V for Vendetta movie today. That's odd.

I guess that would make it a book based on a movie based on a graphic novel.

Now I can't wait until the comic book adaptation comes out!

I wonder who'll write it...maybe Ron Marz. I hope Jim Balent does the artwork...or maybe Kelly Jones.