Art School Confidential (2006) mini review

based on a comic

Based on his somewhat autobiographical comic, Daniel Clowes presents this Terry Zwigoff-directed view into the life of a freshman art student who just wants to be the greatest artist of the 21st century.

Jerome is disillusioned. He is disillusioned by pretentious wannabes, art school failures, talentless professors, and the commercialization of it all. And he is after Audrey, the girl he can't have. Ah, to be young and lost. Okay, maybe I wasn't in art school, but we all remember a time of being frustrated with life - hopeless, and wandering. Sometimes it's more recent than we care to admit. Art School Confidential captures that disillusionment and frustration. It explores the struggle of art versus commerce. And lets not forget the murder mystery. Though I'm not sure that part was autobiographical.

Art School Confidential is an enjoyable coming of age film. It features such names as John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi (Ghost World), and Angelica Houston. Other actors include Sophia Myles (From Hell), Jim Broadbent (Superman IV), Ethan Suplee (Chasing Amy), and Lauren Lee Smith (Blade, Mutant X). Keep in mind that this is college, and it's Zwigoff and Clowes (who teamed up previously for Ghost World). As Clowes has said, "I can't censor myself." It's a comic book movie, but it's not for the kids.

See it if you can relate to the adolescent angst involved with being young and can handle the material.

Don't see it if you've got a family comic-book film in mind or if independent films (or comics) aren't your thing.

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