Surrogates (2009) mini review

based on a comic book


The world has changed. When surrogates were invented (robot-selves that you control with your mind), it allowed people to keep themselves safe from the dangers of the outside world. While their robot selves can go out and and face anything imaginable, they're controllers can remain safe at home. If your surrogate is damaged or destroyed, you can just get a new one.

At least until now.

A surrogate has been killed, and its controller died in the process.

Now that the first homicide has been committed in several years, FBI Agent Tom Greer (Bruce Willis, Unbreakable, Sin City) has to find who is doing it and how.

Surrogates was a completely engaging movie. I never actually read all the bad reviews, but I've noticed thy haven't been very kind - I'm not sure why. The movie didn't have a lot of the problems that can plague science fiction - poorly developed story, bad acting, worse writing. Just the opposite - Surrogates is well-written, with a good, solid story - it has everything that a well-made drama consists of. I very nearly scored it an 8/10, but had to give it the extra point, when my wife and I spent the ride home from the movie discussing the motives of the characters, the story, and the philosophy of the movie. I love movies that make you think. See Surrogates if you get a chance.

The movie also stars James Cromwell (Spider-Man 3), Ving Rhames (Aquaman pilot), Jack Noseworthy (Barb Wire), Helena Mattsson (upcoming Iron Man 2).

See it if you like thoughtful science fiction that makes you think and ponder what it means to be human.

Don't see it if heavy action science fiction with lots of lasers and explosions is more your style.

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