Special (2006) mini review

superhero movie not based on a comic

Do you ever dream of being different?

Does life ever have its foot on your chest, and you know you need to find the strength to stand up, but just don't know where to get it?

When a movie is really good, sometimes it's better to say less about it and let other people experience it for themselves. I was able to catch Special (here's the film's website) on Comcast On Demand last night - I had to look for it; it wasn't with the rest of the movies, it was in a separate category, "Magnolia Pictures".

Anyway, it was awesome.

Les (Michael Rapaport, Comic Book Villains) has decided to participate in some clinical trials with a new drug - a drug that's supposed to remove self-doubt. He starts taking it, and he starts to develop special powers. Or does he? Here, everyone involved in the film did an amazing job of making me wonder - does he really have these powers? (I mean really - you could see everyone's hand involved - from the writer to the director to the actors to those editing the video and the sound). And you keep second guessing...

Needless to say I was impressed.

Other cast includes Jack Kehler (Men In Black II), Josh Peck (you probably recognize him from Drake and Josh), Christopher Darga (Return to the Batcave, The Mask), and Amanda Carlin (Superhero Movie).

If you come across this film somewhere and get a chance to see it - see it.

See it if you like indie films or superhero films - or especially if you like independent movies and superhero movies.

Don't see it if your movies need to be big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.

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The Blockbuster Guy said...

perfect review of the film. i thought special was amazing