I Love Kim Possible

Not that way, you perv - she's a cartoon.

According to Disney, the new season for Kim Possible is slated to start in February on the Disney channel (with a 4-episode marathon on the 10th).

I have to share how much I enjoy this show. I watch it with my daughter, and we've covered the entire 3 season run watching re-runs on Toon Disney (finally catching the Christmas episode when it aired 15 or 20 times this December). Kim Possible is a very creative, intelligently written cartoon. Why am I talking about it here with comic books and superheroes? Well, she may not fit the mold of a superhero (no super powers, no secret identity), but her rogues gallery sure fits the supervillain ideal. The best thing about the show is that it doesn't take itself seriously, and it often comes across as a parody of the whole superhero genre. Kim's nemesis, Dr. Drakken, is a mad genius bent on world domination. Or at least he thinks he's a genius. They've even got the tied-together past, necessary for arch-enemies. And actually, his sidekick Shego does have superpowers.

A couple Dr. Drakken quotes:

[Reading a flyer] "The annual supervillain trade show and convention?!? Oh! Henchman seminars, doomsday demonstrations, evil snack bar!"

"You're too late, Kim Possible! Evil courses through my veins! Maybe next time you'll think before destroying someone's atmospheric distruptor! Nyah!"
Here are some more quotes, which may not be quite as funny taken out of context, but I think still hold some humor value.

Professor Dementor (another one of Kim's foes): How much
previous evil experience do you have?
Henchman from temp company: None, but I'm a self-starter. And I have a law degree.
Dementor: Close enough.

As a giant poodle descends on Area 51:
General: Don't worry, we've got a rock-solid defense strategy ready.
Kim: For this? Really?
General: Yes, ma'am. Full frontal assault by a giant canine. That's a 4-1-stroke-5-F-type scenario.
And her sidekick (Ron Stoppable) provides the necessary comic relief (not that there's not enough of that already):

An army of evil zombie snowmen! Man, I always knew that's what would get me.
As a matter of fact, I think it's the Zombie Snowmen episode that got me hooked. It was the first one I saw, and it had such a Buffy feel to it that I haven't stopped watching since.

The many pop culture references only add to what's already a hilarious cartoon. Check it out - particularly if you've got a 4-year-old daughter to watch it with.

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