The Book of Lies (Brad Meltzer, 2008)

The other day, I saw that my wife had brought home The Book of Lies from the library.  I remembered hearing about this because part of the story featured the family of one of the creators of Superman (Jerry Siegel). I asked Krista if she like Meltzer.  She said she'd read all his books.

"No you haven't," I replied.

Taken aback, "Yes, I have," she argued.

"Have you read Identity Crisis?" Ha!

"Well, I haven't read his comics."  Color me impressed that she even knew he wrote comics, much less knew the name of one!

Anyway, I figured I better read this since she had brought it home from the library...

I don't read much in the way of thrillers - that's more Krista's speed.  I enjoyed this one, though. It's a quick easy read, with chapters you can sometimes finish in a minute or two - great if you read in tiny bites.

So, how does the first murder (the story of Cain and Abel) figure prominently into the life of the creator of Superman?  Read it and find out.  It's an interesting story with some good twists and turns (none of which I saw coming, though Krista said she saw the first big one).

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