Fantastic Four mini review (2005)

based on a comic

While studying a cosmic storm, Victor Von Doom, Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd - Mr. Miracle on an episode of Justice League), Sue Storm (Jessica Alba - Sin City), Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm (Chris Evans - TMNT) are all exposed to cosmic radiation. In traditional comic book fashion, the radiation gives them super powers. The origin story is done well - and that's not easy in comic book movies - it's not shoe-horned in like we see so often. Reactions to these new abilities run the gamut - friendships are strengthened, others fall apart; people realize that with great power comes great responsibility, want to use their powers for personal gain, or are driven mad. And, we see how Dr. Doom becomes the arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four. But director Tim Story does a decent job of pulling it all together. While he doesn't have any background working on comic films, one of the writers (Michael France) had previous experience working on Hulk and The Punisher.

I think this film gets a bad rap. It's not the best piece of cinema ever made, and there are some hokey parts, but as far as comic book movies go, it's an enjoyable film. It's got great action, great special effects, and good pacing - it's not too slow or too fast. The acting's believable, and it's even got a little emotion (or maybe that's just me). You've got to willfully suspend some disbelief, but that's to be expected in a superhero movie.

And the climactic final battle is definitely worth a superhero team movie.

See it if you want some mindless superhero fun.

Don't see it if you expect superhero films to be cinematic masterpieces.


Bones said...

Good review Jim, for the most part I agree. I liked FF, but hated how they portrayed my favorite Marvel villain. Aside from that, and the fact that I thought Ben was a little too small, I thought it was a fair representation.

Off topic, but tell me you've seen Transformers! It ROCKED! I've seen it four times!

Jim said...

It was great - but I really need to go see it again. It was really late when I went to see it, and I was really sick.

And I fell asleep 4 times during the final fight scene. I had to ask, "What happened to Megatron?"