Wow - a lot of Watchmen related stuff on the web lately.  Wonder why. 

Here are a number of superhero things I've come across (I think I may have picked most of these up from Pop Candy).

What If's Abound

What if Stan Lee Wrote Watchmen (I can't bear to look..."Don't be a pinko, Doc!")

What if Woody Allen Had Directed Watchmen? Disturbing...but I might see Tarantino's.  And Pedro Almodovar's.

Watchmen related

10 Things You Should Know About Alan Moore (I bet he could pen a fascinating comic book autobiography.)

Who Watches Who Walks out of Watchmen? I don't think anyone walked out of my theater - opening night.

After Watchmen (DC's picks of what to read after you read Watchmen.  I'd start with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; or maybe The Killing Joke.)

Other Superhero Stuff

10 Defenses for Howard the Duck (I've had this sitting on my DVR forever, intending to watch it and review it.)

The Hero Factory What could be better than supeheroes and 80s music? Make your own superhero, put him on a comic.  Though sometimes they pick dumb names...



Just sitting here in the theater waiting for Watchmen to start. I thought the theater would be a lot more crowded.