Don't waste your time on Marvel SuperHeroSquad

Like I did.

Quite possibly the stupidest superhero cartoon I've ever seen.

Juvenile vomit, fart, burp, snot, toilet, and underwear jokes. Way too silly - written for 3-year-olds, but nothing intelligent for the older crowd.

Bad writing. Annoying animation.

Not even a Battlestar Galactica joke could save it.

I've always been turned off by bad Marvel writing (and that includes Stan Lee). The way they nickname everyone? Wolvie, Falc, Ms. M, Squaddies...

And "HERO UP!"

Good grief.

Marvel SuperHero Squad

I almost missed this! A new show, Marvel SuperHero Squad, is on in 30 minutes at 7 EST / 6 CST on Cartoon Network. http://bit.ly/cRn0y


Whiteout (2009)

based on a comic

Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) is a U.S. Marshall in Antarctica. Three days before she's about to ship to warmer climes, a body is found on the ice, and she has to find out why. She's joined in her quest by loyal doctor John Fury (Tom Skerrit) and suspicious U.N. operative Robert Pryce (Gabriel Macht; The Spirit). (Alex O'Loughlin, who plays Haden was also in Man-Thing.)

This movie deserves a lot better than the critics give it. I have no idea why it's getting such bad reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It's the type of movie where you settle in, and the world just melts away as you're drawn into the movie. It's not non-stop action, but it has it's share. And even when calms down a bit, you're just wondering what's going to happen next.

This film was based on the 2001 graphic novel by Greg Rucka. I've been waiting on this movie for a while - thought it was supposed to come out last September. My question now is - how did Rucka write this in a graphic novel? I'm looking forward to reading it.

See it if you like thrillers or mysteries.

Don't see it if you just pay attention to the stupid critics.


Super News!

Ok - this is a good enough reason to come out of hiding.

James Gunn is working on a new superhero movie.

I first became a fan of Gunn when I saw The Specials several years ago - he wrote the film, and played the super hero Minute Man (he's not fast; he shrinks).

It was genius. It was hilarious.

He also wrote the two Scooby Doo movies (which I really enjoyed), wrote and directed Slither (which I haven't seen), and wrote the Troma film, Tromeo and Juliet (somewhat...disturbing; but then it's Troma).

I follow him on Twitter. And I'm his friend on Facebook.

(I don't think I'm stalking him.)

I found out today on Twitter that he's working on a new movie called Super.

With Rainn Wilson.

And Ellen Page.

And Liv Tyler.

This is exciting news.

He describes it as: "a dark, comedic, gritty, very unusual, and grounded film".

James talks about it here.