300 (2007) mini review

based on a comic book

Based on the Frank Miller graphic novel, 300 is the story of the 300 Spartans who, led by King Leonidas, stood against Xerxes at Thermopylae in 480 BC. [Wikipedia reference]

Masterfully written, amazingly shot, and well-acted, 300 is a completely engaging film. The battle scenes are inspired, the scenery is amazing; it truly is a beautiful film from opening to ending credits. The painted look gives it an eerie dreaminess, and Miller wrote enough fantasy into the comic that was pulled into the film to give it a sense of the unreal. As a matter of fact, there's a 1960's film that covers the same subject matter (The 300 Spartans). While I'm sure that film paints a less fantastical picture, the current movie (and thus the comic, no doubt) still remains to true to many of the historical events that actually took place. Interestingly, from what I've read, the harshness of Spartan life as depicted in 300 may actually be more historically accurate than that of the 60's film.

There aren't a lot of comic book connections here, though writer/director Zach Snyder is currently working on bringing Alan Moore's Watchmen to the screen, Andrew Pleavin (Daxos) had a bit part in Batman Begins, and Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) appears to be in negotiations for the lead in the 2008 comic book adaptation of Min-Woo Hung's TokyoPop manga Priest.

See it if you're interested in history, or just like a good action film.

Don't see it if you're not big on violence-heavy films. It's a war movie for crying out loud.


Reel Fanatic said...

As Eric Cartman would so poetically put it, this movie was just totally tits

Bones said...

Two weeks at #1, with over $127 million in just two weeks. Makes ya proud to be a comic geek, don't it?

Jim said...

I'm excited - maybe Watchmen will actually be good!