Retro-Blog: The haze begins to clear (around Ultraviolet)

Curiouser and curiouser...

Back in late 2002 (when Ultraviolet was still called Valkyrie), Kurt Wimmer was on the CHUD message boards and made this comment when asked about about his upcoming projects:

I have several scripts...a script called Valkyrie - a sci-fi vampire film. Kind of a female Blade only the hero is a complete vampire - pure, pure comic book.

Retro-Blog: V for Vendetta on IMAX

Thursday, a press release announced that V for Vendetta (the movie based on the Alan Moore graphic novel) would be released simultaneously on IMAX screens and conventional theaters. I wonder if I can talk my wife into a weekend trip to Nashville to visit our good friends the Crislers that weekend?


Retro-Blog: Like an Urban Legend Spreading on the Internet

Yesterday, Comics Continuum reported that Sony has released 9 new images from the film, along with the one sheet.

They also stated:

The movie, based on a European comic book, stars Milla Jovovich.
It may never end...


Retro-Blog: Looking grimmer for Ultraviolet

Being a comic book movie, I mean.

But I have to say that sometimes it's the little things that increase my faith in humanity.

In trying to track down the origin of Ultraviolet, I contacted owners of 3 of the comic book movie sites I frequent: Comics2Film, Superheroes Lives, and E. Favata's Comic Book Movies, since they all listed Ultraviolet and referred to it as being based on a comic. I also contacted one of the writers for SpaceJunk.org since they also made a similar reference.

I was pretty impressed that everybody got back to me the very next day.

Anyway, it was pretty interesting.

Alessandro at Supeheroes Lives referred me to Comic Book Movies and a reference to the UK (TV) mini-series Ultraviolet.

Sean at SpaceJunk.org referred me to Supeheroes Lives and the picture of what appeared to be a comic there (I mentioned this in my Jan 8 post).

Rob at Comics2Film also referred me to the pic at Superheroes Lives.

Finally, Eric at Comic Book Movies sent me the Ultraviolet picture that also appears at Supeheroes Lives (that is also shown among the movie concept art as I mentioned previously). [Why am I getting this odd desire to draw a workflow diagram?]

While it may seem I'm back at square one, I think this is actually getting me closer to what is really going on: that it may have seemed like Ultraviolet was based on a comic, and it just continued to pick up speed from there...not an unusual happening on the information superhighway.

Anyway, all these sites are great sites that I refer to all the time (though SpaceJunk.org is new to me, but with that notice about the Tick, I'll be back there, too), and I appreciate all these guys taking the time to get back to me. Take a look at them, especially if you're into comic book movies.

Retro-Blog: The Tick on DVD

Some of the most exciting news I've heard in a long time; I don't think I would have gotten through grad school without The Tick. SpaceJunk.org reports that the animated series will likely make it's way to DVD sometime in 2006. It had an excellent 3-year run. I have fond memories of getting up every Saturday morning to watch Animaniacs, Eek! the Cat, The Tick, X-Men, and Spiderman. My wife thought I was wierd, but I think she's used to it now.

IMO, I'd have to say that The Tick is probably my favorite TV show of all time - it still cracks me up. After watching the show for a while, I picked up the original 12-issue comic book series by Ben Edlund, and it's just as inspired. Well worth a read if you get the chance. Unfortunately, I let my sister-in-law's boyfriend borrow them and haven't seen them since. Chris, if you're reading this, send me back my Tick Omnibus #1 and 2! (Dang - it may not help that I don't remember his last name.)

If you can't wait for the DVD to come out, Toon Disney is running the show fairly regularly.


Retro-Blog: Ultraviolet: What, no comic book?

Well, as far as I can tell, the upcoming film Ultraviolet appears to not be based on a comic, contrary to a number of references to it being a comic book film. I finally found an on-line comic with almost the same title (Ultra-Violet), but but it's pretty obvious there's no relation between the two.

It appears that this all came out of Kurt Wimmer's head (he's the writer and director). When asked about where he got the story in a 2003 interview, he said,

The movie is basically (John Cassavetes') Gloria told in the future... [with a few other differences]

[Note: Along with that interview, there are a number of comic-book-looking storyboards.]

Greg Dean Schmitz over on Yahoo! references a Variety article that mentions:

Kurt Wimmer wrote the role of Ultraviolet specifically for Milla Jovovich...

I found a similar quote over at ign.com (referring to the Variety article):

Wimmer, the trade says, wrote the script with Jovovich in mind after seeing her in Resident Evil.

Apparently, the movie wasn't even originally called Ultraviolet. In a 2002 article, Fangoria reports on Wimmer's "sci-fi vampire project", quoting Wimmer:

It's called VALKYRIE, and that's the lead character's name...

None of this completely precludes that it could have been loosely based on an obscure comic, but I would have to say the lack of evidence points toward that.

I don't know where the whole "comic book" relationship came from but I guess it's possible that it had it's genesis with this (horrible) FilmJerk screenplay review that I've seen referenced in a number of places. From that review:

Dialogue, characterization and the settings are all spotty, as it plays out as something more suited to the comic book or videogame form than a major motion picture.

Besides that, all of the production art I've seen for the movie looks like it was something that was printed in a comic book. [*Note: this sentence sounds like I was saying the concept art was bad enough to be found in comic book; actually, the art is very good - I just meant to note that it had a very comic-book feel to it...]

I think I'll follow up with all the comic book movie sites and see if I can't get any more info...


Retro-Blog: Ultraviolet

Is this movie based on a comic book? I'm just having a crazy time finding out anything about the source material. A number of sites have mentioned that it's based on comic, or at least imply it, but I can't seem find any hard evidence.

An Ain't It Cool News reviewer states,

Personally, i've never read the comic (didn't even know it was based on one until the intro), so I can't tell you how true to it this film is.
Comic Book Movies refers to it (twice) as Milla Jovovich's...upcoming comic book movie adaptation.

Comics2Film indicates that it is based on an obscure European comic.

SpaceJunk.org states that it's based on a comic.

Superheroes Lives states that it's based on the comic book: "Ultraviolet" with what is assumedly a picture of the comic (see right). This looks a little more promising, but then I came across a site for Static Line Productions - a company that does movie production art. If you go to that link, and click on the picture so artistically circled in the photo below, you'll see the same picture that is shown on the right. The "View Video" link on the upper left shows some other concept art for the film - it all has a very comic book look to it (see also these pictures: #1 #2). Apparently this is all concept art done for the movie by Mark Bristol. There's more art posted at the Equilibrium Fansite.

Finally, according to IMDB, it was written by Kurt Wimmer (who also directed the film, and was also writer and director for Equilibrium); there's no reference to anything else as the original source.

So, if you know anything about the source material for this film, please let me know!