Krypto the Superdog

Here I was, all prepared to talk about Krypto the Superdog starting a new season on WB on Saturday. Unfortunately, it's only moving to WB, and it's re-airing old episodes. I guess with The Batman season premier and the Legion of Superheroes premier, I just thought this would be a new season of Krypto, too.

To be honest, even though it does star Ace the Bathound, I probably wouldn't watch it on my own. (Although, I probably would have had to pick up this Ace the Bathound to add to my toy collection either way.) Krypto is aimed at the pre-school audience, and the writing and stories can be a bit insipid at times. But, it's the first superhero show I was able to watch with my 3-year-old (now 4) daughter, so, now that we've seen most of the first 3 seasons of Kim Possible, I'm looking forward to something new we can watch. I'm on the fence about whether or not to let her watch The Batman with me. It's got Batgirl now, but it does tend to be a bit more violent.

In related news, the first issue of a 6-part Krypto the Superdog mini came out to comic book stores yesterday. Unfortunately, my store didn't have my copy in, but when it gets here, I'll be able to introduce my daughter to the wonderful world of comic books.


Bones said...

I can't wait until my son (now 2) is old enough to get into comics. He already watches Teen Titans and loves it.

Jim said...

There's nothing better than sharing these things with your kids. I was concerned that my daughter wouldn't be into this stuff, but she loves Kim Possible and Krypto as much as princesses and jewelry.