Blade: Season One

About 10 days ago now, the finale for Blade: The Series aired. Yeah, I tend to be a bit late on these things; if only this could be a full-time gig. Anyway, I ended up sticking with the entire season. To be honest, had the new seasons for other shows been in full swing, and the new seasons of my cartoons started, Blade probably wouldn't have been interesting enough to fit in the schedule (I don't watch a lot of shows, but Smallville, House, Bones, My Name Is Earl, and The Batman keep me busy enough).

I have to admit that when the show began expanding into detail on the vampire houses, and delving into the characters' histories (particularly Blade's - things like growing up with his father, and how he learned what he was), I was a bit more intrigued. The producers/writers/whatever have done a good job in keeping the show interesting.

Are they going with a second season? Who knows? (More importantly, will I watch a second season? Well, I guess that's just more important to me, I doubt anyone reading gives a crap.)

If you are interested in a second season, here's an interview with Blade (Sticky Fingaz), talking about what can be expected (be warned, it's very vague - not a lot of detail here), and here's a link (at TV.com) that tells you what to do if you want Spike to keep the show on the air.

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Bones said...

Saw a quote from the female character's (her name escapes me at the moment) blog today and she says there will be no second season. Bummer.