Why does there need to be another site about Superheroes, Comic Books, and Movies?

I mean, we've already got Comics2Film, Superhero Hype, E. Favata's Comic Book Movies, Superheroes Lives, just to name a few of the most popular. What's the point of another site?

I guess it depends what you're looking for. I was looking for something simple - trimmed down a bit. I was looking for something specific. A place for comic book movies - with some non-comic superheroes thrown in for good measure, without being inundated with 150 articles about every new Superman Returns toy that comes out. Of course, that meets a need; I just wanted something smaller.

I recently saw a trailer attached to X-Men 3, called My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Noticing that it wasn't listed at the site above that I frequent the most, I wrote them to have it added. My suggested add was rejected. Reason? Not based on a comic book. Well, that site also reports on the upcoming Transformers (which was a comic book at one point, but based on a line of toys), MirrorMask (an excellent film, not based by on a comic, but written by famed Sandman creator, Neil Gaiman), and upcoming Conan movie rumors, which, last I checked, has a long comic book history, but whose origins lie long before that. My point? Only that it made sense to me that if you're going to report on movies tangentially related to comics, superhero movies fit the bill. But maybe that's just me, maybe that doesn't make sense, and maybe I'm the only one who will ever look at this site.

A couple of other things I wanted to provide here was a little more access to the obscure. You can read all about the more obscure comic book and superhero films at the above sites, but sometimes (my opinion) they get lost in all the info about the upcoming blockbusters - of course, there's a reason for that...the blockbusters are more popular, and more people want to read about them. But I'm looking for something a little different.

I also want to provide information about past movies - particularly the lesser known. Want to know a little bit about 1983's amazing comedy, The Return of Captain Invincible? Or did you know that Disney's The Rocketeer was based on a graphic novel? Take a look at the database of comic book movie mini-reviews.

My intention here isn't to make something better than any than any of the sites above, or even compete with them (indeed, I frequent them all regularly). I only wanted something that was a bit smaller in scale, without so much information; something more specific to what I'm looking for. Of course, again, maybe I'll be the only one reading news here.

Anyway, if you like it here, stick around, if not, there's a lot of other sites that might fit what you are looking for. Thanks for visiting.


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