What the heck is retro-blogging? Well, in early 2005, I started a blog. I'd always wanted to keep a journal, and here was my chance. At the time I was keeping a website of comic book movie reviews, attempting to get more comprehensive as time went by. Over the months that followed, I wrestled with converting that over to a blog. Finally, nearly a year-and-a-half later, on July 2, 2006, I made the move, and created my second blog - Comic Books, Movies, and Superheroes. But during that 17 months or so, I blogged several times in my original blog about comic book and superhero films. Those blogs truly belong here, so I've taken the time to pull them over. Everything on this blog prior to the July 2nd date is from my original blog, but has finally found its proper place on this. That is what I'm calling the retro-blog.

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