Aquaman TV Pilot

Well, it's not really new news, but the Aquaman (or Mercy Reef, as I heard it was going to be called) Pilot hit iTunes last week. It's worth the $1.99 download, even if it's just to see what we're missing since the series wasn't picked up. It was a spin-off of sorts from Smallville, where the title character ("AC") appeared in an episode sabotaging an underwater weapon being designed by Lex Luthor.

Some of the dialogue in Aquaman may have been clich├ęd, and some of the situations over the top, but as a whole, I think it showed a lot of promise. And Ving Rhames is always a plus in my book.

Take a look at it if you haven't, yet. And if you want some more background information, AquamanTV (via KryptonSite) has all the info you need.

Thanks to Comics2Film.

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