Is it based on a comic?

I don't need this after Ultraviolet messed with my head...

Is Zoom based on a comic, or a kid's book? Apparently both.

In 2001, Jason Lethcoe and Astonish Comics began to publish the black and white comic Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted, intending it as a monthly series. According to Comic Book Resources, Lethcoe (who wrote and drew the comics) published the third book on his own, in color. After that, he went in a different direction.

In January 2003, The Moon Factor published Lethcoe's children's book, Amazing Adventures from Zoom's Academy (Ballentine reprinted it in 2005). Lethcoe also illustrated the books (a sequel is already out: Amazing Adventures from Zoom's Academy: The Capture of the Crimson Cape).

In June 2003, Variety reported that the graphic novel Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted had been optioned by Revolution Studios. Since then, it seems every news piece on the movie states that it's based on the graphic novel.

I find that very interesting, since (and this is what confused me), on his website, Lethcoe states that the movie is based on the book, and doesn't even mention the comics.

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