They come in threes? (Spider-Man, Batman, Punisher)

Well, Spectacular Spider-Man is the third animated television premier I've missed. Maybe this'll be the last. And this one is only because I was too stupid to set the DVR in time. What an idiot. I've got it set now, so I'll be able to catch them from now on.

At least I was able to see The Batman two-part finale. I enjoyed watching the Justice League, but it seems odd that they had to pull in aliens for a finale the second time in a row. It's not like Batman doesn't have a rich history and cast of characters on his own.

Completely unrelated, I happened across the Punisher: War Zone official site. It's got limited content, but it's a pretty cool set up. Check out the link to the right under Upcoming Films.


Charlie Blockhead said...

I managed to TiVo The Batman finale, but haven't caught it yet. Is it the series finale since after this summer the Kids WB will cease to exist? Also caught the Spidey premiere and watched episode 3 last night. The first two were more kiddie but this weeks Lizard ep was way over what my 2-year old needed to see. I love it so far.

Jim said...

D'oh! I didn't realize I missed two episodes of Spider-Man that first day. Figures. I'm planning on watching it with my daughter (who's 5, about to turn 6 in a month) - is it pretty intense?

And, yup - that was the series finale of The Batman.

Charlie Blockhead said...

The first two were The Vulture and Electro. They were cool and Fred knows Spidey when he sees him so it caught his attention. The Lizard was one big fight scene and Spidey got his butt kicked most of the time. It's not that intense though.