Missed Another Premier

Well, one of the main reasons I started this blog was so that *I* had a place to keep track of upcoming movies, DVDs, and TV shows. So what do I do? Completely miss the premier of the Witchblade anime series on IFC Friday night. There was an encore an hour later, but that didn't help me since I didn't realize it until I read it on Pop Candy the next day. I've never really been into anime (*gasp* - a comic fan who's not into anime?!?), but I would at least like to have seen the first episode.

Of course, the good folks at IFC assume that if you miss the first one, you won't want to see it before the second one airs, so there's not another encore, and the second episode airs next Friday night at 11:30 (that's Central, I think). And they don't even stream the first episode so you can catch up.

*sigh* Afro Samurai, all over again. Let me know if this was any good.


Bones said...

Not to worry Jim. I miss stuff ALL the time, thank God for dvd! And gasp away, but as you know I'm a huge comic fan and I can't stand anime. Go figure, maybe it's an Alabama thing?

Jim said...

Ha! Maybe!

Of course, I figured out later that I don't even get IFC.

And, Bones...you still need to get a DVR :)