February 2008 Previews Pop Culture Crossover

This month I forego Supernatural, Star Wars, Star Trek and several others for some new and different series and one-shots culled from movies, stories, games and other areas.

  • The Complete Persepolis (TPB, Pantheon Books)
    I had to pick up the book that the Oscar-nominated film was based on.
  • The Mummy Movie Prequel: The Rise & Fall of Xango's Ax #1 (one-shot?, IDW)
    There's another mummy movie coming out next summer?


  • The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle #1 (4-part mini, Dabel Brothers)
    Originally a series of books about a private detective and wizard, it has also been adapted into a SCI FI Channel series. This is an original story penned by the author of the series, Jim Butcher.
  • James Bond: The Paradise Plot (TPB, Titan Publishing)
    Ian Fleming's popular spy. Collection of the aformentioned tale and the non-Fleming Bond story Death Mask!.
  • Mack Bolan, The Executioner: The Devil's Tools #1 (5-part mini, Dabel Brothers)
    I read a book from this classic series quite a while back - I'm surprised this doesn't have a Mature Readers warning.
  • Oz Book 1: Mayhem in Munchkinland! (TPB, Transfuzion Publishing)
    Why does the Wizard of Oz have so many dark adaptations and sequels?
  • Pigeons from Hell #1 (4-part mini, Dark Horse)
    Based on a Robert E. Howard short story - I can't tell when it was written, but it was first published in 1938 - two years after Howard died. You can see the original story here. It was even adapted to an anthology TV show (like Twilight Zone) - Boris Karloff's Thriller.
  • Wild Cards: The Hard Call #1 (6-part mini, Dabel Brothers)
    It's been forever since I've read them, but I loved this George R. R. Martin series about a horrible virus that, when unleashed, killed 90% of those affected, left 9% horribly deformed, and gifted 1% with amazing superpowers. The Hard Call is a new story in the Wild Cards world.


  • Brothers in Arms #1 (new series, Dynamite)
    Based on the WWII game by Ubisoft. Take a look at the website - the game looks pretty intense.
  • Gnome One-Shot (one-shot, superrealgraphics.com)
    I never thought I'd see a comic based on a lawn ornament.
  • Thoreau at Walden (graphic novel, Hyperion Books)
    Walden; or, Life in the Woods - one of the many books on my to-read list. I think I actually have a copy on my shelf, collecting dust. This is an interpretation of Henry David Thoreau's philosophical treatise.

I left a lot out, but I didn't think it necessary to list another Friday the 13th story, or Night of the Living Dead collection.

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