Oh Riddler, Where Art Thou?

So, the Riddler's not returning my calls.


But I've got one better. I'm totally peeved that I haven't been able to find a December 2007 Previews to do my "Pop Culture Crossover" for that month. You can't even find someone trying to overcharge for one on eBay. Does anyone out there have one they want to get rid of?

How about a trade? If you'll send me a copy of the December 2007 Previews, I'll send you the first trade of Rix Libris (it's only been read once and it's near mint). But please make sure it's December! I'd hate to get a copy of Previews and find out it's the wrong one. We can do it this way - the first person to post that they will send me a December 2007 Previews, and follow it up by actually sending it - I'll return the favor by sending them my only copy of Rex Libris. I don't care what kind of shape the Previews is in as long as I can read through it - writing in it, dog-eared pages, whatever. As long as it's readable, since I'm not going to be saving it. If you've got the Marvel issue, too, that'd be great, but it's not necessary.

Thanks in advance!


MorPuddypond said...

It all depends, are you looking for the December issue, as in December shipping in February, or the one that has what is shipping in December?

(I have the former, but not the latter)

Jim said...

Yes! December shipping in February!! The one that says December on the cover!

Would you like a copy of Rex Libris??

MorPuddypond said...

Sure! If you want to send me an e-mail with your address I can send it on it's way.my e-ail is morpuddypond@gmail.com. Thank you and good day.


MorPuddypond said...

I was just checking if you ever received your package?

Jim said...

Yes, I did! Sorry...some weeks it's hard to blog or get to e-mail, much less get to the Post Office. :) I've got to get out there this morning, so if I send it out Priority, you should have Rex Libris by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Jim said...

Well, I sent it out Saturday, but I forgot about the holiday Monday, so you should have it by tomorrow at the latest. Happy reading!