January 2008 Previews Pop Culture Crossover

Quite a group of TPBs, minis, one-shots, and graphic novels coming from various areas of pop culture solicited in the January Previews.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus #4 (TPB, Dark Horse)
    More Buffy goodness. I don't normally list every new omnibus and TPB, but it is Buffy. Guess I better go back and finish the 3rd one before this comes out.
  • Serenity: Better Days #1 (mini, Dark Horse)
    Prequel to the film, written by Joss Whedon himself.


  • Army of Darkness/Xena: Why Not #1 (4-part mini, Dynamite Entertainment)
    Good grief. I don't even think I have a commentary on this.
  • Buckaroo Banzai: The Prequel #1 (2-part mini, Moonstone)
    Sounds like they try to weave more crazy stuff in than even the film does.
  • DNA Hacker Chronicles #1 (TPB, Abrams)
    Prequel to The Gene Generation. What's up with this film? Is it straight to DVD? When will it be out? Plus, is this another chicken-and-the-egg thing? Is a comic based on a movie or vice versa? More on that later...
  • Fritz Lang's M (TPB, Abrams)
    Out-of-print mini series, packaged with the DVD of the 1931 film.
  • The Godfather Chronicles #1 (new series, Boom! Studios)
    I guess you could argue this belongs under Books, but the films really gained the notoriety. This comic continues the story of the Corleone family, and the first arc is written by Mark Waid.
  • Largo Winch Volume 1: The Heir (TPB, Cinebook)
    Comic that the upcoming French film is based on.
  • The Last Winter (graphic novel, Image)
    Creepy looking film due out on DVD this summer. Ron Perlman and James LeGros? What's not to love? Here's the film's site.


  • Avengers Fairy Tales #1 (4-part mini, Marvel)
    I've been tempted to pick up these series from Marvel - their superheroes as fairy tale characters - but I haven't, yet. Are they any good?
  • Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #1 (5-part mini, Marvel)
    Marvel's second adaptation of the Stephen King series.
  • Dark Wraith of Shannara (graphic novel, Del Rey)
    Sequel to the original Shannara trilogy. I could never get through that series...I'm not really sure why.
  • Holmes (graphic novel, AIT/Planetar)
    Appears to be a really off-beat adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.


  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Photo Comic (one-shot, Dark Horse)
    They sure are milking this photo comic thing. I guess if people keep buying it, they'll keep making it.


  • Dead Space #1 (6-part mini, Image)
    Prequel to a Electronic Arts sci fi / horror game coming out in October. The game sounds Alien-esque, but it look pretty dang scary. Here it is at EA's site.


  • Super Friends #1 (new series, DC)
    Based on Mattel's new Super Friends toy line. (I gotta get me - I mean my son - a Batwing!)

Well, there was just too much stuff to list everything. Is there anything you liked that I missed? Maybe that new Star Trek: New Frontier series?

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