Largo Winch

Wow - it's shaping up to be a big year for French-language comics translated into film, and Google Translate is getting a workout on my computer (ok, I've forgotten the 3 years of French I had in high school and college). First it's the next Asterix movie in January, then the XIII: The Conspiracy translation of the Belgian comic, and now, another Belgian comic comes to the big screen - Largo Winch.

Actually, this is the first I'd heard of the comic - apparently, the comics debuted in 1990 (originally based on a failed series of novels from the 70s). Largo Winch was born in Yugoslavia, was orphaned at two, and adopted by a billionaire business owner to be his heir. From what I can tell from translating the main Largo Winch page (from French) and reading the (rather brief) Wikipedia entry, the comics follow Winch through his adventures protecting himself and his company from those that are after him and his money.

Comics2Film recently posted the debut of the teaser trailer (which led me down this research trail). It looks pretty good, and is slated for release this year on December 17. In France. I can't seem to find when it will be released in any other markets. So, here's to seeing Largo Winch on DVD sometime in 2009.

Oh; I've also posted the link to the production blog and main page to the right in it's original form. Here's the translation via Google Translate.

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