Riddles in the Dark

Haha! Riddler here, taking over the blog for a moment to stump you slow-thinking cretins with a Halloween riddle. Methinks you'll have to chew off your own leg to get out of this snare. The winner for this month wins the recent horror-themed Manbat mini-series. That's right - all 5 books. But as bonus, it'll come with Superman #666, Hack/Slash: Slice Hard, and all 3 Halloween comics solicited by Previews a few months ago. Think you're an insane genius like me, Francis? Maybe you'll be able to figure this one out, but I doubt it.

Delectable, like tearing flesh from the bone,
Though 20 years pass, it stays as sweet,
The oh-two remake, bitter fare,
The oh-seven prequel, did they dare?
It feels like Miami Vice, looks like CSI,
He spreads his wings like an iron butterfly.

The first to comment with their answer on this blog post is the winner. One answer per person - no guessing!

Note: The answers to these riddles will always be something I've talked about in this blog - not necessarily comic-related.

Attempting to answer assumes agreement to the Riddler's rules.


Daniel said...

It's Halloween!

Jim said...

Good guess! It is movie. But not Halloween.

Though that would have been appropriate!

MorPuddypond said...

See, now I know the answer, but I can't guess again.

Let me know if no one else answers and I can try again.

Bones said...

Being I believe Red Dragon is the 2002 remake you're referring to, and Hannibal is the 07 prequel, I gotta go with Manhunter.

Jim said...

Congratulations, Bones!

1986's Manhunter was the amazing original adaptation of Thomas Harris's Red Dragon. [I mentioned it on the blog last January.] It starred William Petersen (CSI's Gil Grissom), and was directed by Michael Mann (executive producer of Miami Vice in the 80's).

Of course, the best part was the last scene which featured Iron Butterfly's classic In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. See it if you haven't!

IMO, it's the far better adaption of Harris's book. I also think Brian Cox is a much better - and creepier - Hannibal than Anthony Hopkins.

Anyway, send me an e-mail Bones (check my profile), and I'll get the comics to you.

And thanks for trying morpuddypond! The Riddler will have a cool Christmas riddle later this month.

MorPuddypond said...

Well it at least makes me feel better knowing I was right. After I had submitted my original answer I was showing my wife and as I was reading her the riddle I knew I was wrong, but it was too late. Very fun though. I'll have to try next time as well.

Jim said...

Well, Bones, they finally went out! Watch for 'em in the mail...