Unclaimed Dawn Bust

Happened across this (Joseph Michael Linsner's) Dawn Bust Statue (no pun intended) at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama today. It had a $100 price tag on it, and I tried to get on eBay with Krista's phone to see what it was going for - but I couldn't connect for some reason. I wouldn't have been able to tell, anyway. Currently they're going for nearly $200 in the eBay stores (and it appears that's what they're going for on the web), but I don't know what people are actually spending on them. There's currently one going for $60, but it's got a week left. This must be a fairly rare item; there aren't any recently completed auctions I could find.

Well, if you're interested in one for rock-bottom prices, head on over to Scottsboro!

(Note: I didn't actually see this one...I didn't have the presence of mind to snag a pic with my phone, and I grabbed this pic from one of the current eBay auctions...)

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