July '07 Previews Pop Culture Crossover

It's still July (so I'm ahead of schedule?) and here are some TPBs, one-shots, and #1's listed in July's Previews for September.

  • Serenity: Those Left Behind (HC collected mini, Dark Horse)
    Joss Whedon's bridge between Firefly (the show) and Serenity (the movie). This one's supposed to be a "fan favorite". I'll have to read it after I finish watching the entire season of Firefly on DVD. (Note: Target still has it for about $20.)

  • Borderland (One-shot, Viper Comics)
    Based on a film which is, in turn, based on the true story of a US and Mexican police officer investigating a cult just south of the border, hunting for human sacrifices.

  • Buckaroo Banzai vol 1: Return of the Screw (TPB, Moonstone)
    Continuing the adventures from the 80s cult film; includes a ton of extras.

  • Friday the 13th Summer Vacation #1 (mini, Wildstorm)
    Is it a prequel? A sequel? Who knows. Dare I say, who cares?

  • Ghostbusters: Legion (TPB, Eighty Eight MPH Studioes)
    This should hold you off until the next sequel comes out - it collects the 4-part mini, along with a San Diego comic-con exclusive.

  • New Line Cinema's Tales of Horror #1 (new series or mini, Wildstorm)
    Will it never end? Oh, wait; these are sequels to both Nightmare on Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There's more than one way to milk a cat (or a comic book horror fan).


  • Artemis Fowl vol 1 (Graphic Novel, Hyperion Books)
    Are these any good? I've seen the books in stores, but haven't looked at them.

  • Dark Hunger (Graphic Novel, Berkley Books)
    Based on the Dark Series of vampire novels by Christine Feehan.

  • The Escapists (HC collected, Dark Horse)
    Based on the no-longer-fictional comic in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.

  • Gods of Asgard (Graphic Novel, Studio E3)
    Comic adaptation of Norse myths.

  • King Lear (Graphic Novel, thecomic.com)
    That's the one; based Shakespeare's play.

  • Looking Glass Wars Hatter M (HC collected mini, Desperado)
    Based on a series of novels (The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy). The web site makes me want to buy the comic.

  • Pizzeria Kamikaze (TPB, Alternative Comics)
    This comic is based on a short story, but a film based on it (or based on the story; or maybe both) is making the festival rounds as Wristcutters: A Love Story.

  • Ray Harryhausen Presents Sinbad Rogue of Mars (5-part mini, Bluewater Production)
    Though more properly adapted from a series of stories, than books.


  • Ring of the Nibelung (Graphic Novel, ExPress Publishing)
    Adaptation of Wagner's opera.

Picking any of these up? See anything I missed? Take exception to my disparaging comments about endless additions to one-trick horror films?


Bones said...

Take exception, nah, but I do read all the New Line horror comics. Some are good (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th) others are based on my favorite horror movie franchise and not so good (Nightmare on Elm Street).

Watching Firefly turned me into a Joss Whedon fan almost instantly. My wife and I both fell in love with the show, then read the comics, and have seen Serenity about a dozen times since.

As for what new stuff I'm picking up, I mainly signed up for new DC stuff this time around. I think I signed up for a new Dark Horse book too, but I know I put down for at least 4 new DC books. Damn minis!

Jim said...

Well, if they're good, then they're doing better than a lot of other comics. I succumbed to "waiting for the trade" on a lot of things. I've been doing the discount on-line services and picking up trades for less than half what it would cost for the regular comics.

So then I can wait to hear what's good before I pick it up :)

I got that HC, and I'll read it once I watch the 1st season of Firefly.