Mattel's DC Superfriends

Britt over at Kung Fu Rodeo noted that the new DC Superfriends line of action figures were available at his local Target. Due to an odd coincidence, Krista had just bought me a new toy...er...phone for my birthday, and offered to drive so I could play...er...investigate the new features (yeah - that's the ticket). I just so happened to be reading that post just as we were driving by the Florence, Alabama Target.

So I made her take a detour, and we went inside to hunt for treasure.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find the DC Batman for me my son, but I discovered something else, and was able to pick him up these new wooden Spider-Man and Hulk figures designed to be played with the Learning Curve Play Town toys. They've also got a Wolverine/Captain America set.

I'll still be looking for that DC Superfriends Batman, but I'd say it was a successful stop.

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