Pop Candy Talks Comic Book Movies

Whitney Matheson records one of my favorite podcasts (check out her Heroes interviews here) - she's a popular pop culture blogger on the USA Today site, and she happened to recently discuss what she thinks the top 20 comic book movies are.

I'm glad she listed Mystery Men, The Specials, and Unbreakable. I'd have to say those 3 are in my top 5. To be honest, the only ones I wasn't familiar with were the two manga adapations (Lone Wolf and Cub and Crying Freeman) and the two based on ancient comic strips (Little Nemo from the turn of the century - heard of the strip, not the movie; and Palooka from the strip starting in the 30's).

Most of the rest are on my To Review list. I only made it halfway through From Hell. The CD I got from Movie Gallery messed up (I hate it when that happens). And I happened across Brenda Starr in a music store for about $2 and picked it up a year ago. Whitney lists it as #2 - maybe it's time I break it out of the shrink wrap.

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