Cartoon Network Notes

Good news if you missed Hellboy: Sword of Storms. It will be shown again on December 9 at 9/8 Central. Set your DVRs! (Now's your chance, Bones!)

I guess Fantastic Four has been pulled from Cartoon Network's lineup. No great loss there. It wasn't bad, and I was recording it, but I wasn't overly impressed. Plus, for some reason, I ended up missing half the episodes. First of all, it never got the episode right (if it actually recorded Fantastic Four, it was a different episode than the guide said it recorded), and second, half the time it recorded a completely different show. Either Cartoon Network couldn't get their schedule right or the Comcast DVR guide wasn't following what CN was doing.

From Comics Continuum. Thanks to Comics2Film.


Bones said...

Thanks for the head's up!!! No DVR to set, but I'll be sure to be in front of the tube when it airs.

Jim said...

Cool! Let me know what you think.