Another Crappy Sequel

From Rich Johnson, in Lying in the Gutters (Comic Book Resources) last Monday:

I understand that Warners are looking for writers and treatments for a proposed "V For Vendetta" direct-to-DVD sequel projects to be filmed, low budget, in the UK next year. Naturally without the Wachowskis or Joel Silver who made a point of saying the original movie was a one off.

No, they haven't approached Alan Moore, why do you ask?

Will it be called V4V2?

Once again, we learn that the almighty dollar is much more important than art. Well, we all knew that, but why is it even more important than putting together a quality product? That's just good business.

Thanks to Comics2Film.


Bones said...
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Bones said...

Well that's the worst news I've heard since the announcement of a second season of "Who Wants to be a Stupid-hero".

So Heroes has really hit it's stride now, what do ya think? Still digging it?

Jim said...

Definitely! It's one of the shows at the top of my list right now. I'm really enjoying it. The backstory ep Monday night was pretty interesting...