Hellboy: Sword of Storms

If you didn't catch the premier of Hellboy Animated, I'm sorry to say, you really missed out. It was awesome! I don't often watch movies more than once (time pressures, you know), but I saved this one on my DVR so I could go back to it again. The film has the same sensibilities of the movie. If you like Hellboy, you'll enjoy this. The writing was great - I found myself laughing about 20 times as much as I did when I caught RV on that plane trip back from California. I was really impressed by the way they worked in the Japanese folklore. I'm not too familiar with it, but it looks like they did their homework. An interesting comment by Tad Stones (producer/director/writer) on the Hellboy Animated blog was that the weirdest stuff you see in the movie is usually the most authentic Japanese folklore.

I mentioned before that the main characters returned from the movie, so Abe Sapien's voice really threw me. But then I remembered reading somewhere that the voice of Abe in the cartoon was the actual actor from the film (Doug Jones), while it was David Hyde Pierce that voiced him in the movie (but didn't play the physical part). Weird. I wonder if Jones will do the voice in Hellboy 2.

If you weren't able to catch it on Cartoon Network, you'll have to wait until February 6 to get it on DVD. Well, as good as it is, I'm sure the P2P networks will be carrying it before then, but that would be cheating.

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