My Power Is To Make Your Brain Leak Out Your Ears

Great. Variety (and SuperheroHype) are reporting that the Sci Fi Channel is greenlighting a second season of the anti-climactic Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Just please let it die. Spike is killing Blade, but this crap makes it to a second season? Not that I was into Blade enough to launch an internet campaign to renew the show, but Superhero makes Blade look like Citizen Kane. I guess people will buy a reality show no matter how lame the execution. The really sad thing is that I'll probably tune in again, and this time it'll be drawn out to 10 episodes, as opposed to 6.


Bones said...

Despite my loathing of season 1, rest assured I'll more than likely be right there with you for all 10 eps of season 2. Remember kids, be a winner..not a weiner.

Jim said...

I think comic book collectors are all completists at heart.

I just hope they get a decent actor for the Feedback movie...