Retro-Blog: Ultraviolet

Is this movie based on a comic book? I'm just having a crazy time finding out anything about the source material. A number of sites have mentioned that it's based on comic, or at least imply it, but I can't seem find any hard evidence.

An Ain't It Cool News reviewer states,

Personally, i've never read the comic (didn't even know it was based on one until the intro), so I can't tell you how true to it this film is.
Comic Book Movies refers to it (twice) as Milla Jovovich's...upcoming comic book movie adaptation.

Comics2Film indicates that it is based on an obscure European comic.

SpaceJunk.org states that it's based on a comic.

Superheroes Lives states that it's based on the comic book: "Ultraviolet" with what is assumedly a picture of the comic (see right). This looks a little more promising, but then I came across a site for Static Line Productions - a company that does movie production art. If you go to that link, and click on the picture so artistically circled in the photo below, you'll see the same picture that is shown on the right. The "View Video" link on the upper left shows some other concept art for the film - it all has a very comic book look to it (see also these pictures: #1 #2). Apparently this is all concept art done for the movie by Mark Bristol. There's more art posted at the Equilibrium Fansite.

Finally, according to IMDB, it was written by Kurt Wimmer (who also directed the film, and was also writer and director for Equilibrium); there's no reference to anything else as the original source.

So, if you know anything about the source material for this film, please let me know!

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