Retro-Blog: Looking grimmer for Ultraviolet

Being a comic book movie, I mean.

But I have to say that sometimes it's the little things that increase my faith in humanity.

In trying to track down the origin of Ultraviolet, I contacted owners of 3 of the comic book movie sites I frequent: Comics2Film, Superheroes Lives, and E. Favata's Comic Book Movies, since they all listed Ultraviolet and referred to it as being based on a comic. I also contacted one of the writers for SpaceJunk.org since they also made a similar reference.

I was pretty impressed that everybody got back to me the very next day.

Anyway, it was pretty interesting.

Alessandro at Supeheroes Lives referred me to Comic Book Movies and a reference to the UK (TV) mini-series Ultraviolet.

Sean at SpaceJunk.org referred me to Supeheroes Lives and the picture of what appeared to be a comic there (I mentioned this in my Jan 8 post).

Rob at Comics2Film also referred me to the pic at Superheroes Lives.

Finally, Eric at Comic Book Movies sent me the Ultraviolet picture that also appears at Supeheroes Lives (that is also shown among the movie concept art as I mentioned previously). [Why am I getting this odd desire to draw a workflow diagram?]

While it may seem I'm back at square one, I think this is actually getting me closer to what is really going on: that it may have seemed like Ultraviolet was based on a comic, and it just continued to pick up speed from there...not an unusual happening on the information superhighway.

Anyway, all these sites are great sites that I refer to all the time (though SpaceJunk.org is new to me, but with that notice about the Tick, I'll be back there, too), and I appreciate all these guys taking the time to get back to me. Take a look at them, especially if you're into comic book movies.

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