Watchmen Comes to Life

Because Moore brings gives his characters such depth, making them feel as if they're real-life people, I sometimes think of Watchmen as a story describing what might happen if people really did decide to dress up, become superheroes, and fight crime. Well that era has arrived. The most recent Rolling Stone has a story about Real Life Superheroes.

In other news:

The Edge talks about the Spider-man musical.

You've probably already seen the X-Men Origins: Wolverine site and trailer. It looks awesome.

XIII finally hit the news with some real info; it'll be on NBC in February. Here's the story; I've put the mini-series dates to the right under Premiers/Releases.

The Hulk fights Thor and Wolverine this January. Marvel has the trailer and some clips.

Well, here's hoping I get the chance to go see The Spirit tomorrow night.

I'll leave you with a trailer for a video game I may just have to buy. Think it'll come out on the Wii? *sigh*

Batman - Arkham Asylum

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