Upcoming: Push, Afro-Samurai, Wolverine and the X-Men

News, news, news...

I happened to be reading Entertainment Weekly yesterday, and caught that Afro Samurai: Resurrection (sequel to Afro Samurai) is on is on Spike this Saturday night at 9 pm Central. (They're showing the full 2 hours rather than breaking it up like they did the last one). Once again it stars Samuel L Jackson, but the sequel adds Lucy Liu to the mix. (Shoot - I got the uncut version of the original for Christmas, and still haven't watched.  Good grief.)

Also, Wolverine and the X-Men premiers Sunday at 1 pm Central.  Wow; that's a weird time.  It looks like they're showing two episodes back to back.

And here's the trailer for a movie that looks pretty interesting.  It reminded me of Heroes, but I'll just have to go see it. It's called Push.


Charlie Blockhead said...

Sorry dude, but Wolverine and The Xmen premiered tonight on Nick...Will Wheaton was on Batman The Brave And The Bold tonight as the Golden Age Blue Beetle

Jim said...

What?!? Julianna told me it was tonight, but I've got the DVR set for Sunday. I missed that it was on tonight...weird. Thanks for the head's up.

We're a few episodes behind on The Brave and the Bold. Guess we'll have to catch up!