Hellboy and Spider Spud on Sale!

A couple of awesome finds yesterday.

First, if you have a Sam's Club membership (or better yet, know somebody like I do), you may be interested in picking up the Hellboy 3-DVD Director's Cut Gift Set (including Hellboy bust) they have for under $8. At least that's how much it is in Florence, AL. Don't know if that price tracks to other stores around the country.

And, Kung Fu Rodeo alerted me to the way cool Spider Spud that just came out. I found it at Toys 'R Us yesterday, and had to pick one up, for, um, my 2-week-old son. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyway, thought I'd let you know in case you're interested...


Bones said...

WHAT!?! $8!?! Of course there's no Sams near me...:(

Jim said...

Yup - $7.88 to be exact. But you can find it for not too much more than that on eBay if you get a deal.