The Real Justice League on TV

Have you seen the old Justice League of America pilot that never aired? I was able to come across it a while back, and it's corny.

This clip of The Flash, Green Lantern, Fire, Ice, The Atom, and Martian Manhunter pieced together from parts of the show and set to the animated Justice League theme actually makes it look cooler than it actually was.

In contrast, I was going to talk about the previews at the end of the last Smallville, but as luck would have it, that was also uploaded to YouTube, so I've posted it here. A different set of heroes: Superman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Green Arrow (though most of them don't go by those names, yet). This episode should air sometime in January. I'm looking forward to this one.


Bones said...

I've got the JL pilot on dvd, it's great given the correct amount of alcohol before viewing! I still laugh the whole way through anytime I try to watch it.

Definately looking forward to that Smallville ep, though at their current ages, it's more like Teen Titans are making an appearance. Kid Flash, Cyborg, Aqualad, Speedy, and Superboy!

Jim said...

Ha! I didn't make that connection.