Comic Book Movie Podcasts

I've recently started listening to Comic Book Podcasts - there are a number out there with different formats and different tones. But out of all the podcasts I've listened to, I'd have to say the best is The Acme Comics Dollar Bin. What got me started listening was a three-part series they had on Comic Book Movies (go figure); but what got me hooked was the dynamic of these 4 guys sitting around in a comic book store talking about comics, the comic book industry, and anything else that comes up. Yes, they're knowledgeable, but the best part is they are freakin' hilarious. They've got varying personalities and differing opinions; whether or not you agree with what they're saying, they're just completely enjoyable. I've listened to a lot of different comic podcasts recently, and I've found these guys to be the most interesting.

If nothing else, take a listen to the fun they have with the last 30 years of comic book films.

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