Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Afte watching Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, I've now seen all of the DC animated movies other than Green Lantern: First Flight. And except for Batman: Gotham Knight, I think Public Enemies is the best of the lot. Superman: Doomsday was a bit of disappointment. I enjoyed Final Frontier and Wonder Woman, but not as much as Superman/Batman. Unfortunately, I don't have the benefit of having read Jeph Loeb's original Public Enemies comic to make a comparison, but the movie itself is a lot of fun. A variety of characters, many of whom you don't expect, and some creative dialogue (it's always good when you laugh out loud) make this definitely worth seeing. I'm sure some hardcore fans might question motives of certain characters (would Starfire really be on Luthor's payroll?) but I don't know some of these heroes well enough to think too hard about it. See it if you get the chance.

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