Thor and Green Lantern Duke It Out?

Not sure where the wires are getting crossed.

I keep seeing stories that Thor and Green Lantern are currently scheduled to be released on the same day (ComicVine, MTV Splash Page): 6/17/11.

But Marvel and IMDB are showing Thor's release as 5/20/11. (SuperHeroHype didn't pick up on the June date and is still tracking to Marvel's date in May.)

Anyone know the correct date? It's a minor thing, especially considering the dates are so far in the future and they'll likely change, but I'm always curious how these things get started.

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Julissa said...

The perfect Green Lantern will be Sam Witwer from Smallville. I know you must be thinking that I am crazy but just look at him. He has the face and build for the role. He is in about his late 20s or early 30s which makes him even more perfect for the part. He has acting experience so its not like another Brandon Routh incident will reoccur. If not him then I guess Chris Pine is the best rumored choice, but he is not a better one than Sam Witwer. If Pine was given the role he would be paid a ridiculous amount of money and everyone will view him as Captain Kirk, not Green Lantern. Pine also looks nothing like the Green Lantern…
I have many more reasons why he should play the Green Lantern. I am so confident in this that I have even written a petition. Here’s the link, read it and sign before you leave, I’m sure you will agree with me: