You Can't Stop Crap!

In a recent interview with Stan Lee, when he was asked about current projects, the Disney superhero films came up, as well as some other stuff that's made the round in the news. (I'm sure you've heard about the Disney deal - I didn't realize the films had names: Tigress, Blaze, and Nick Ratchet - they sound like winners.)

What I didn't know about was the animated TV series he had planned with Paris Hilton. Or maybe I heard it and blocked it out.

He made Pamela Anderson into a supehero stripper. I cringe to think what he could do with Miss Hilton.


Bones said...

Somebody seriously needs to be with Stan at all times to ensure that he's taking all his meds regularly.

Jim said...

Yeah - I'm not really sure what his deal is. Is he coming up with all these wonderful ideas? Or is it his staff at POW! Entertainment?