October 2007 Previews Pop Culture Crossover

I haven't even picked up the November Previews, yet - but here's October a few weeks late. I strayed from more listings of the same. More Warhammar, more Bloodrayne, more Battlestar Galactica, more Highlander, more Transformers, and, yes - more horror movies. There are a few of the same old thing, but I tried to stick with the new and different.

  • Dr. Who Classics #1 (new series, IDW)
    Reprints of old Dr. Who comics.


  • Darkman #1 (new series, Dynamite Entertainment)
    This superhero makes the film to comics transition, rather than the reverse.
  • Indiana Jones Omnibus, vol. 1 (TPB, Dark Horse)
    Good timing with the making of the next movie - contains 3 out of print stories in a 352-page volume.
  • Se7en (Hardcover, Zenoscope Entertainment)
    Collecting the seperate issues.


  • The Complete Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show (TPB, IDW)
    This huge 300-page collection comes in 3 different versions, including hardcover, and $125 limited edition hardcover.
  • The Iliad (Marvel Illustrated) #1 (8-part mini, Marvel)
    This is different - Homer's classic tale. Helen of Troy - the face that launched a thousand ships.
  • Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt (Hardcover, Devil's Due)
    464 pages of Dungeons and Dragon-y goodness - collecting the adaptation of the Forgotten Realms trilogy.
  • Shakespeare's Henry V (Graphic Novel, Classical Comics)
    Well, we've got the classic stories this month. This even comes in an unabridged version.
  • Tales of Zorro (Anthology, Moonstone)
    Collection of 18 stories - available in TPB and Hardcover.


  • GI. Joe vs. Transformers (Hardcover, Devil's Due)
    Massive, nearly 500-page collection of all 4 volumes.


  • Army of Two (Graphic Novel, Prima Publishing)
    Based on the intense new game from Electronic Arts. Well, it looks intense from the trailer on the EA site. The game is available for preorder.
  • The Stranded (mini?, Virgin Comics)
    Not technically a pop culture adaptation, but the first team up between Virgin Comics and the SciFi Channel.

From the "Is-This-Really-Necessary" Department. The Kiss 4K Kissmas Special. Written by Chuck Dixon? I think we're stretching here. Did anyone pick up the mini? Was it any good? (Or any "count", as we say here in Alabama).

Bonus: In the October Previews there's also the Smallville Series 2 action figures that were in (from DC Direct - due out in May). It's the Smallville version of the Justice League - yup: Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg, Impulse, and Superman (well, Clark). They look pretty impressive, too. Now, if we could only get whoever is doing these sculpts to redo the current Buffy figures, I'd pick some of those up, too.


Bones said...

I'm not a Kiss fan, so I haven't read any of the new stuff. I gotta admit the art makes it look cool though, and Dixon's a hit or miss kinda guy, so who knows, it could turn out to be good.

I can't remember exactly if it's October's Previews or not, but I signed up for the Dark Horse adaptation of Evil Dead mostly for the John Bolton art, but they're promising new content as well. Plus I'm a sucker for Bruce Campbell stuff.

Speaking of, a one shot based on his upcoming movie "My Name is Bruce" is also in that Previews. Can NOT wait for that flick.

Anyway, hope all is well in your neck of Alabammy.

Jim said...

How'd I miss that adaptation? I'll have to go back and look...

Things are good up here - how about further south?