Marvel vs. DC

I realize this has been around a few months, but I recently ran across it on Major Lee Videawesome. Part of the reason this parody of the current Mac/PC commercials is so funny is because it's dead on.

There's one shy of a dozen on this JustSomeRandomGuy's YouTube page. Some of them are funnier than others, but they all have spots where you just have to laugh out loud (well, mainly if you're into comic book films).


Bones said...

LMAO, that one's my favorite.

"Everybody LOVES Batman"

By the way, I watched Ghost Rider this week. Afterward, I went back and read your review again, and you were spot-on. In fact, if anything I think you were a bit generous with your 6/10. I hated the movie. The finger wagging, cheesy dialogue, horrible acting, all of it. But the worst part was Ghost Rider actually "Yee-Hawing" when he roped the helicopter. Wha-huh?

I REALLY hope Marvel is done letting Mark Steven Johnson make comic book movies, and I hope DC has enough sense to never let him start on theirs.

Jim said...

I was probably generous...but it was interesting enough to sit through.

I still think what disappointed me most was the potential it had.

Here's hoping the next Batman is as good as we know it should be...